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Territory of Starshield

Eldarion Starshield

Tarec Kingspan is the Lord of Whitehaven and one of the many nobles who dislike Hermia. His ambition is to ensure Eldarion's ascent to the throne.

Starshield is one of the five territories of Knightfall and home to such figures as Hermia Starshield the reigning monarch, Sidney Quinn Guardian and Protector of the people of Starshield

Tarec Kingspan

Cornelia Griswold

Aldric Starshield

Elden Starshield III

Eldarion is the middle child of the Starshield family.

Cornelia is Hermia's trusted servant and ally to Sidney Quinn.

Lantern Jack is a former pirate who was executed and resurrected to serve the Starshield's to capture and kill magical beings.

Lantern Jack

Aldric is the youngest child of the Starshield family.

Elden Starshield III was the ruler of Starshield before his untimely demise.

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