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Reality Blows: Keep Yourself Alive Final Trailer released!

After months of silence the Reality Blows team have released a new teaser trailer for Keep Yourself Alive which will be debuting on the Keziah Hyde Media website!

Here's an official synopsis of the film:

Five years after the events of Smith and Jonesy, the world is in a different place. Old enemies return from the darkness and it's up to our heroes to save the multiverse from certain doom!

An epic battle between good and evil, the past and the present is in store. Prepare for the beginning of an epic conclusion.

In other news...

Reality Blows: Nevermore (2024) - Announcement

During the press release of Reality Blows: Keep Yourself Alive, news of a potential return to the Reality Blows universe was hinted at as part of the trailer announcement also included word that filming on the new episode would begin in May 2023 and run until June 2024 with a scheduled release in December 2024.

You can read the full press release here:

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