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Sloebarrow has had a complicated political system for many generations. After the Great War Sloebarrow became it's own autonomous territory where the people of that territory fought a long and bloody conflict with Shadowgarde to remain it's own independent state. Over that time a government and politicians were elected and ascended to the house but some where Shadowgarde sympathizers who wouldn't vote on policy unless closer ties were formed with that territory.

Wanda Huntinghawk

Torin Ravensong

Wolfgang Schmittenhammer

Clone Chris comes to visit Christopher at college which is going well until an outbreak of Zombies swarm the College. Can our heroes defeat the horde before it's too late...?

Clone Chris recounts the tale of when Count Christopher, Christopher's Transylvanian cousin comes to stay. Prepare for madness...

After their ordeal of Zombies and Vampires, Christopher and Clone Chris come to the conclusion something has been causing these problems. Before they can find the cause Space Cats invade the College and it's up to our heroes to save the day once more!

Nevrik Huntinghawk

Wanted picks up six months after Revenge of The Space Cats. Christopher finds out that Clone Chris is back but they are being tracked down by a familiar foe... Will our heroes find out the truth about the Multiverse?

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