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Rubeus Caligari has been Protector and Guardian for well over five hundred years. He’s overseen how each territory has risen from the last great war over that time. He is also a Gnostic, someone who believes that enlightenment and salvation is achieved through knowledge instead of Faith. They also believe that the world's Creator whoever or whatever they may be is not perfect.


Caligari is safe from the territories as Serenity’s Edge is said to be a haunted place. Sailors and nonmagical folk can ever set foot on the island and are disoriented by an illusion spell. Caligari uses this spell to maintain the secrecy of the territory, knowing full well that if any of the leaders or commonfolk were to truly understand the immense power of Serenity’s Edge that it would cause a catastrophe like no other. Rubeus uses the territory as a sanctuary for those persecuted of having magical abilities. He runs a special educational institute for those wanting to harness their abilities called the Academy for The Gifted.

Rubeus Caligari - Protector and Guardian of Serenity's Edge

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