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Agent Smith

Played by Robbie Fleming

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Agent Fredrick J. Smith is a TSDB (Time and Space Detective Bureau) agent who was originally born in Gallowgate in Glasgow, Scotland. His family migrated down to Manchester when he was nine years old. 

He began his career working as a constable for the Greater Manchester Police Force where he quickly rose up the ranks to become a Detective Inspector working specifically in the drugs and gangs division. There he became aware of gangs operating in and around the city and one gang in particular got his attention: the Killians.

The gang originated from Scotland, from the same area as Smith was born and had expanded their operations coincidentally as Smith migrated down south.

After working as a Detective Inspector for a few years he left the profession after trying to expose colleagues of corruption. He then began a career in Private Investigation until Meta Kris got him a job working for the TSDB.

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