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Torin Ravensong - Elected High Representative of Sloebarrow

Played by 

Torin 6.jpg

Despite the weight of her responsibilities, Torin carries herself with an air of quiet confidence, her every movement imbued with grace and purpose. She is a beacon of hope in uncertain times, a leader determined to steer Sloebarrow toward a future where freedom and democracy reign supreme. Sloebarrow is an odd territory. It began as a feudalist monarchic state which then transitioned to a dictatorship and ended up becoming a social democracy. Though enough time has passed since, the citizens of Sloebarrow know it’s a slippery slope that could happen again and are weary of that happening. But as we know, democracies aren’t full proof and it’s up to the newly elected Torin Ravensong to maintain and continue the democratic will of the people. Torin has a lot resting on her shoulders but with careful consideration of everyone including her parliament, she will hopefully avert the worst that is yet to come.

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