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Age: 23

Hermia is a queen that never wanted to be one.

She never aspired to own and maintain her own kingdom and finds it difficult to separate her conscious from what is expected of her as Queen. As we meet her in the story she is coronated as Queen after her father Elden Starshield passed a few months prior. Hermia's mother Lania died during childbirth. Hermia has two brothers Eldarion Starshield and Aldric Starshield. Eldarion secretly wants Hermia to abdicate so that he can rule the territory with an iron fist like his Father did. Aldric just wants to live life to the fullest, learning about the territory, it's people and what he can do to help. Hermia and Aldric have a good relationship and get on well.


Hermia also has a tricky relationship with magic.


In Starshield it is completely banned and those suspected of using it are hunted down by Lantern Jack, the Magic Finder to the Crown, but Hermia doesn’t think that all magic is evil and believes it is the person who uses it for evil means that is the problem. Although she has the power to change this, she knows that doing so will throw the territory into disrepute and may even cause internal division and even possibly an uprising. Hermia therefore has to tread a very fine line in order to ensure her role is secured and her subjects are done as they are expected to.

Hermia Starshield - Queen of Starshield

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