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Prior to becoming a politician, Atlas was an Admiral working for the Stormhaven Navy. He had ventured out, working as an armed merchant vessel from Stormhaven in his ship the Stormbringer, a ship that he had built and was one of the finest in the fleet. His mission was to assist trading vessels by fighting off pirates and taking any supplies on board if necessary.

After his terms of service has been fulfilled, he made his voyage back to Stormhaven. Atlas decided to retire as Admiral from the Navy and instead threw himself into helping to bring about change to his people by running for Elected High Representative. With overwhelming support from the people, based on his career as a sailor, Captain and eventually Admiral of the Navy he was elected. Though as soon as he entered office, he realised that change wouldn’t be as easy to enact. The system was broken from the inside out. Politicians were in the hands of lobby groups and wealthy businesses who pressured on policies. Atlas had to forget about the people who elected him there and instead work on behalf of the rich who were lobbying for deregulation, a decrease of corporate taxes and the ability to set whatever prices for the wages of their workers.  Since then, he is despised by the people who elected him and revered by those who champion his policies. He has caused a great rift of division within Stormhaven’s territory and actively works to sow and maintain that division for his own ends. When we first meet him in the story, he has just returned from his ship and plans to run for politics.

Atlas Corelli - Elected High Representative

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