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Universe #175



About the universe

Similar to the Space Cat Saga (see universe #201), The Armageddon Saga explores world ending events which tested our heroes. After battling Zombies and a Vampire cousin, their final stand was against the mighty Space Cats, it was an epic battle of epic proportions. 

This was also the universe that introduced the theory of multiple universes. 

To watch these films, click the thumbnails which will direct you to the official YouTube pages.

College of The Dead (2014)

The Legend of Count Christopher (2014)

Revenge of The Space Cats (2014)

Clone Chris comes to visit Christopher at college which is going well until an outbreak of Zombies swarm the College. Can our heroes defeat the horde before it's too late...?

Clone Chris recounts the tale of when Count Christopher, Christopher's Transylvanian cousin comes to stay. Prepare for madness...

After their ordeal of Zombies and Vampires, Christopher and Clone Chris come to the conclusion something has been causing these problems. Before they can find the cause Space Cats invade the College and it's up to our heroes to save the day once more!

Wanted (2015)

Wanted picks up six months after Revenge of The Space Cats. Christopher finds out that Clone Chris is back but they are being tracked down by a familiar foe... Will our heroes find out the truth about the Multiverse?

The Armageddon Trilogy was comprised of College of The Dead, Count Christopher (its original title) and Revenge of The Space Cats.

The three films were broadcast on YouTube between Halloween (Oct. 31st) and Christmas 2014 and was initially well received by audiences worldwide. Although it was meant to be a three parter concluding the story in Revenge, the story was continued into Wanted to round off the short series and give a satisfying conclusion to the universe whilst also setting up the possibility of exploring new ones.


The Armageddon Trilogy is heavily inspired by Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy. The world ending stakes provided a good narrative to the adventures of Christopher and Clone Chris.

The episode WANTED would be left open ended as a fifth episode explaining where Christopher & Clone Chris ends up was planned but was never made.

Revenge of The Space Cats is the last of the formidable feline trilogy. The idea for the Space Cats came from YouTuber Tomska who popularised the Space Cats in his Holy S**t Cats videos.

Gary Finn has been played by two actors. The First appearance was in 2015's WANTED and was played by Alexander Hunt. The second appearance was in 2016's Reset and was played by Robbie Fleming.

Agent Smith is another character with multiple actors taking on the role. In 2015's WANTED he was originally supposed to be played by Robert Summers-Tongue who then later swapped to play Norman The Wizard. Robbie Fleming then took on Agent Smith and has played the character ever since.

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