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The Christopher & Clone Chris


RESET {2016}

Smith & Jonesy {2017}

Clone Chris travels to the planet Andromeda to find a mysterious crystal that can reset any timeline.


Meanwhile, Christopher stays at home and is tasked with cleaning the house.

After The Armageddon Saga was completed there was a feeling the Reality Blows universe was becoming stale and predictable. So in 2016 creator Christopher Hyde joined forces with Robbie Fleming to revamp the universe and create a cinematic odyssey of storytelling. 

With only two episodes being made, the series was successful among friends and wider audiences. People were beginning to realise how interesting these characters could be. There was room for potential within universe #25. 

The first episode Reset was meant to be a fresh start. A new beginning for the flagship characters Christopher & Clone Chris. Their first outing was meant to be a surreal, funny and action-packed adventure that would kickstart the series and explore different worlds. 

The Second episode Smith & Jonesy debuted a year later and was originally intended to ground the series. Robbie wanted to delve deeper and explore the life of the fan-favourite character Agent Smith (who previously appeared in Wanted (2015). This episode was left open-ended as Agent Smith and Meta Kris vanish through the vortex. There may be an opportunity to explore what happened to them in the future as with all the other universes.

Despite the success, the series fell into hiatus and both creative partners went their separate ways. Robbie is now an amateur film-critic but does occasionally write his own stories. Christopher is working hard to resurrect the Reality Blows machine and create new adventures for the characters.

Agent Smith returns with his sidekick Jonesy as they take on the British Mafia.

Keep Yourself Alive


Our heroes return...
This time it's personal!

Five years after the events of Smith and Jonesy, the world is in a different place. Old enemies return from the darkness and it's up to our heroes to save the multiverse from certain doom!

An epic battle between good and evil, the past and the present is in store. Prepare for the beginning of an epic conclusion.

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