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The ORIGINAL Universe

Welcome to the Original Universe (or the OU for short). This universe is where Clone Chris lost his Christopher in a battle against the Space Cats (see Return of The Space Cats to find out more) and Meta Kris took his place.


Why is this the original universe?

Before Reality Blows, there was just Chris & Clone Chris. Their adventures began with them fighting Space Cats and overtime transformed to them fighting other strange creatures.


Due to the limited storytelling told there was no room for development afterwards, that doesn't mean these characters won't return it just means there is a small chance any stories set in this universe will be continued again.

These two recorded adventures feature on the official Reality Blows YouTube channel along with all the previous episodes and universes.

CATS (2014)

Set six months after Cats, our heroes Christopher and Clone Chris are sat playing a board game when they are attacked by a man simply known as Meta Kris.


On a rainy day, there is little to do. Luckily, Clone Chris is on hand to give some helpful suggestions.


The first two sketches Cats and Return of The Space Cats were originally meant to be the only two Reality Blows episodes. After the Chris' college friends were impressed and enjoyed the sketches Chris decided to make more episodes with a narrative

The creator Chris Hyde wanted to show multiple sides of his character Christopher and created Meta Kris to show a villainous version. This was the catalyst for the creation of the multiverse.

When creating Reality Blows there were many inspirations behind the series from Wallace and Gromit to the work of Mel Brooks, Doctor Who, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tomska and The Cornetto Trilogy.

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