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Meta Kris

Played by Christopher Hyde

Chris - Meta Kris - Comic Book.jpg

Meta Kris is a version of Clone Chris from sometime later into his life. It is known that clones only have a lifespan of eight years but according to some sources Meta Kris is 80 years of age.

Meta Kris has been off world working for the TSDB (Time and Space Detective Bureau) with Agent Smith.

He first appeared in Return of the Space Cats (2014) whilst working on behalf of the Space Cats. Once he realised their plans were evil he defected and blew up the Space Cats ship.

He returned in the 2015 film WANTED where he recruits Christopher and Clone Chris to traverse the multiverse in search of the answer to their questions.

His last appearance to date was in 2018's Smith and Jonesy where he recruits Smith as a TSDB agent to help him on a mission.

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