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Clone Chris

Played by Christopher Hyde

Chris - Clone Chris - Comic Book.jpg

Like with all clones, he was made from the DNA of Christopher, Clone Chris was created to carry out all of Christopher's responsibilities. 

He doesn't want to do these responsibilities, in fact he wants to become a writer, to tell stories and blend his reality with fiction.

There have been many Clone Chris' over the series, the first original clone was from universe #201. No one knows what happened to that version and has been missing presumed dead.

The second live action portrayal of Clone Chris appeared in The Armageddon Trilogy (universe #175) and met his fate when him and Christopher travelled through the portal and ended up in the unknown. Only Christopher survived (how he survived is still a mystery) and that's when he travelled to universe #52 to live out the rest of his days.


Reality Blows: Keep Yourself Alive (2022) - Final Trailer

Notable Appearances

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