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Christopher - The Inventor

Played by Christopher Hyde

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Christopher is an unemployed, amateur inventor/adventurer. He's been travelling through the multiverse, in the past, present and future. He has made hundreds of clone versions of himself over the years, perfecting the science. 


He eventually settled in universe #52, where he became friends with Simon Jones (Smith and Jonesy) and became a recluse. He was traumatised by his encounters with his different versions of himself and made plans to protect himself from them.


This is when he made his last clone. This version had no idea about Christopher's other clones and was designed to do chores in the house, cook and go to work to earn money so that Christopher could focus on his selfish self preservation.

Notable appearances:

Cats (2014), College of The Dead (2014), Wanted (2015) and Smith & Jonesy (2017)

Notable appearances

Reality Blows: Keep Yourself Alive (2022) Final Trailer

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